Lock Replacement – What To Do And What Not To Do

Lock Replacement – What To Do And What Not To Do

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Under certain circumstances, you might have to replace the locks on your door, windows, safe or even cabinets. You might have lost your keys, upgraded your locks for safety reasons or moved to a new house. The process of changing locks is a simple one that actually takes a few minutes. However, you may face serious consequences and experience costly damages if you don’t follow the right procedures. Therefore, before you upgrade or even replace your locks know what to do and what not to do.


What to Do


· Determine the Brand of Your Lock

Arrow logoThis is an important consideration you should make if you want to avoid repetition of tasks. Check the door latch and determine the installed brand. If the new lock is the same brand, you won’t have to make adjustments to the holes on the locks. But if you have decided to buy a new brand, then modifications may be required for the new locks to fit in.


· Take Measurements of the Lock

You cannot just mount a new lock directly on your door frame, window frame or drawer. This is because most locks today have to be adjusted to fit properly. This not only ensures that your new lock is consistent with the other locks but also makes it easier to operate.

· Industry Security Standards

If your home is insured, make sure that the new lock doesn’t compromise your policy or safety. This is important because in case your home is damaged, your insurance provider may cite a policy violation which might hamper your chances of getting compensation. Therefore, determine whether the new lock conforms to the industry safety standards.


· Remove the Decorative Cover and Interior Knob with Care

This should be done before the lock replacement process begins. Simply remove the decorative knob and the interior knob carefully. Next, you will have to remove the old lock before you can install the new one.


· Let Qualified Locksmiths Inspect the Lock after Installation

To make sure that your home is completely secure after lock replacement, call a locksmith to inspect the new lock. This way they can determine if it was installed correctly and whether there are certain adjustments you should make. Their recommendations will help make your home more secure against cases of theft and burglary.


What Not To Do


· Hire Qualified Professionals When In Doubt

Lock replacement process is not as simple as it may seem. Therefore, if you are in doubt, don’t replace the broken locks. You may not have the necessary skills that are needed to replace the locks effectively. Besides, this is a serious task that should make your home safer. To avoid costly mistakes, hire qualified professionals who are highly experienced and have an excellent reputation. They will make sure that your locks are replaced in the right way.


· Don’t Buy Low Quality Locks

There are different types of locks on the market. To make your house much safer, avoid low quality locks that can easily be bust open by intruders. Instead buy high quality locks that provide solid armor against conventional break-in methods. The best lock should withstand bumping, kicking, steady hammering and sawing.


· Don’t Change the Size of Your Lock

Locks usually come in different sizes. Your current locks may be old but replacing them with new ones that are of completely different size isn’t advisable. Before you can replace your lock, you should therefore determine its size and stick to it. This way you’ll avoid lock snapping.


LocksmithLock replacement may seem simple at first. However, trying to fix the locks without the help of a qualified professional can cause irreparable damages. As a result you may be forced to buy a whole new lock altogether, an expense that you might have avoided. Besides, keep in mind that re-installation processes are usually more costly compared to the simple replacements. Therefore, stick to what you know and if you can’t replace the lock yourself, call for assistance. You know what you can and can’t do and if you don’t possess the necessary skills needed in lock replacement, leave it to a professional locksmith. You might be eager to replace the locks yourself, but your trial and error methods may only end up causing more harm than good to your property.