A “Kwik” Look At Kwikset Locks

A “Kwik” Look At Kwikset Locks

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Kwikset is one of the few companies that manufacture door locks and related hardware that have stood the test of time in the industry because of the innovation and technology incorporated in them. Classic lines plus enhanced styling has made Kwikset products a great choice for many home owners. Over the past decades, the door hardware and lock industry has evolved from the traditional manually controlled locks to today’s smartphone controlled locks. Because of these improvements, home owners can be informed remotely when an authorized person breaks in. Kwikset has integrated the latest technologies in all of their locks and related hardware to ensure that your home remains secure at all times especially at these times when burglars have improvised their thievery techniques. If you want to know more about the nature, types, quality and benefits of door locks offered by Kwikset, you may like to read on below for more information on Kwikset Locks with help from our friends at Parkerlocksmith.org.


Home Security Locks

KwiksetYou would want to keep your home safe at all times especially when you are away for quite some time. Kwikset double cylinder deadbolts boosts the robustness of your glass door by installing a mechanism whereby the door has to be opened from inside as well as outside. They also provide Grade I deadbolt locks for exterior doors including those of the garage and entry doors leading into your house. You may want your neighbor to be picking up your mails when you’re away. With Kwikset SmartKey feature, you can re-key your lock to a temporary key for your neighbor. Also, you can install a temporary personal code (smartcode) provided to provide a temporary key for your neighbor.


Electronic Locks

Kwikset KEvo Plus 1If you want to add an extra layer of security to your exterior doors, electronic locks have been engineered in ways that fortify the lock systems. These locks provide keyless access, a feature that’s not only safe but also convenient. The smartcode feature enables you to unlock your doors remotely, eliminating the need of finding the key inside your car. Also, you don’t have to alight from your car to open your garage door. If you like a fancy kind of lifestyle, Kwikset electronic locks make life fancier.


Re-Key Technology

Traditionally, a locksmith would have to remove the deadbolt for him to rekey your door lock, a process that takes hours to be completed. With Kwikset, re-key technology, you don’t have to hire a locksmith to help you rekey your system. The rekeying process is a step-by-step process made up of four main steps that are clearly described in the instruction manual. The process enables you to change your keys without having to remove the deadbolt. This feature comes in handy when you’re moving out from your home to a new home. It’s also useful when you lose your key. Home owners can seamlessly rekey their locks whenever old tenants move out as new ones move in thus saving a lot of time and money.


Remote Access Technology

Remotely accessing your door locks provide great convenience as you can manage your door locks even when you are not at home. It makes security so sleek. Imagine handling the major security systems of your home regardless of where you are. The SmartCode alongside with Home Connect enables you to remotely access the door lock from anywhere. You don’t have to give your key to that trustworthy friend anymore. No need to worry about losing your key. The remote access technology notifies you when someone enters your home. For this system to work, it must be programmed on any device with an internet connection including your tablet or smartphone. The Powerbolt also provides the convenience of keyless access to your home. The Home Connect technology works by allowing the front door communicate wirelessly to other things inside your house including the entertainment system, security system, lighting, thermostat etc.


Lock Bumping & Pick Protection

Lock Bumping1The pin and tumbler mechanism that’s commonly used in most locks has some flaws that allow burglars to bump or pick your locks with a bump key. Kwikset uses a locking bar instead of the tumbler and pin to keep intruders at bay.


Smart locks and keys are upcoming trends when it comes to home security. With Kwikset locks, you are assured of a lock that cannot be bumped, one which is pick resistant and most of all, you’re assured of flexibility as you can rekey your locks with ease. There are a wide variety of locks you can choose for your office or home. Just remember to to have your Kwikset lock from a certified store.


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The Top 5 Lock Brands In The United States

The Top 5 Lock Brands In The United States

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Currently, one of the greatest security trends is installing top security locks which keep home and businesses safe and secure. Any commercial business owners who want to boost the security of their buildings have many lock brand choices available.

Each homeowner knows that the quality door lock is a vital part of home security. Security is often a high priority for many people, when it comes to selecting door locks for their homes in the US, followed by cost, finish as well as style.

For a low price, one can easily enhance the security of their home with a broad variety of different door locks which are available today in the United States market.

Choosing the best locks for your doors is based on whether a door is interior or exterior, as each kind of door requires a fully different locking mechanism. Taking that into consideration, let us have a look at the top 5 lock brands in the US according to lakeoswegolocksmith.net:

1. Schlage Locks

Schlage logoThese locks provide multiple benefits as well as innovations which most brands don’t. This is possibly one of the reasons the brand is recommended by several locksmiths, builders, homeowners, and even security personnel.

Schlage locks are known for their tubular design which makes them almost impossible to pick. What is more, the keys have a distinct shape and biting on numerous faces of the key making them difficult to replicate.

These locks are very resistant to kick-ins and any other types of tampering, due to their forged brass construction.

2. Kwikset Locks

Kwikset is a lock and the lockset manufacturer owned by the Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement Group (HHI), an American international.

The firm produces and distributes an entire line of door locks as well as door accessories including door knobs, deadbolts, electronic keyless entry locks for commercial, door levers, and residential applications and much more.

The majority of US enterprises and households depend on these locks for top security and peace of mind. They aren’t only reliable but also relatively affordable compared to most door lock brands on the market today.

Kwikset locks can be found in nearly every United States store dealing in locks. Even though most consumers believe that cheap products are poor quality, do not be mistaken by this common misleading assumption, Kwikset Locks are some of the greatest locks in class within the market.

3. Omnia Lock

For about half a century, Omnia Industries, Inc has been producing and supplying a broad variety of quality door locks and other accessories at a low cost.

Crafted from aluminum and brass to match the decor of your office building or home, Omnia products are simple yet provide a contemporary style.

The locks they produce are simple but provide a modern style. Most of their accessories are made of aluminum and brass to complete the decor of any office building.

They combine style with reliability and durability without putting any dent in your wallet. The firm distributes its line through the popular wholesale distributors and retail showrooms in the trade.

Their major customer base is the US. However, they also export to the neighboring countries such as Canada, and overseas.

4. Baldwin Locks

Baldwin1Having been in business for nearly 7 decades, the Baldwin Lock American brand is currently a household name regarding home security.

It’s one of the best lock brands in the US with most consumers-homeowners and businesses alike, due to its pioneering ideas as well as remarkable quality.

While their competitors are machine-made, Baldwin locks are hand-crafted to offer the highest quality, greatest performance and to be aesthetically-appealing.

The firm also manufactures high-quality lock accessories which are suitable for each building which needs high security be it commercial or residential.

5. Weslock Door Locks and Accessories

Weslock is another popular door locks and accessories producer in the United States. Since 1932, the firm has lived up to its high reputation for innovative and quality locks and door accessories.

So if safety, security, as well as design, are your priorities, then consider this brand as your choice for reliable and quality door locks and accessories for your safe haven.

Not only are their products strong and durable, but they also provide a visual appeal for your home, due to the designs which improve the look and feel of your home.


Even though the list of the best lock brands in the US is extensive, these are the brands which are proven and associated with each American office building or home.

If the safety of your business premises or home is one of your high priorities, then go for any one of these locks and accessories brands. All of them give value for money.

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The Best Keyless Home Locks On The Market

The Best Keyless Home Locks On The Market

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Initially, protecting a home involved the use of locks and keys. Presently, technology has provided consumers with an alternative means of protecting valuables, which is known as the keyless door lock. It is a convenient entry setup, designed to eliminate the notion of a key entirely. Instead, you just have to dial a few numbers or touch the designated finger pad for activation. Keyless home lock systems have become prevalent in many homes and business settings around the world. This growing reputation is due in large part to the convenience and enhanced security that they offer. The overview below highlights some of the best keyless home locks on the market.

Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset is a renowned name in the industry of home locks. Their new Kwikset Kevo integrates high-tech functionality into the conventional keypad lock. It featured as one of the first smart deadbolts in consumer reports. It utilizes both Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which means that homeowners can unlock the doors either via a smartphone or with the keyfob.

The lock is well-suited with iOS and Android devices. With the Bluetooth enablement, the lock has potential to detect when your device approaches and unlock the door for you. The Kwikset Kevo lock system allows you to grant two gadgets with full access eKeys. You will need the Kevo Mobile App to monitor lock activity as well as manage the eKeys.

August Smart Lock

This keyless lock system serves as a perfect substitute for most single cylinder deadbolts, providing secure access to your home through iOS or Android gadgets. It can work independently via safe Bluetooth connection or over your home’s Wi-Fi. If your lock’s AA batteries are low, the app transmits a reminder; thus, your lock continues functioning even if the power goes out.

The highlight of this lock system is that it allows you to issue ‘virtual’ keys to family and service providers when necessary. For instance, your housekeeper’s key can work for two hours on Monday while your child’s key works round-the-clock. Log records reveal all the people, who have accessed your home and when.

Schlage Touchscreen

Schlage SenseSchlage is another well-known name in the lock and security sector. They are famed for creating robust electronic door locks, including keyless entry and RFID offerings. The Schlage Touchscreen is a top notch locking system. Besides being strong, it is manufactured with reinforced components, which have been rated Grade 1 on the ANSI hardware standards system. It constitutes a motorized deadbolt that relocks automatically, after being left open for 30 seconds.

The locking mechanism also has built-in alarm sensors. The purpose of these is to notify you when the door opens or when forceful entry happens. This lock is compatible with Nexia, an online entry management system. It implies that users can open doors remotely, check the comings and goings online and permit specific codes to function at certain times.

Yale Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt

Yale Real LivingThe Yale Real Living lock mechanism is the perfect solution for individuals who want a home-automation system. Its’ features are no far cry from those of other high-end Yale locks, providing the option of a push button or a modern capacitive touchscreen. This locking mechanism supports up to 250 user-selected codes and also provides access via a conventional key.

The Yale lock can be used with Zigbee and Z-Wave independent mesh networks. What’s more, it is compatible with Crestron’s proprietary mesh network infiNET Ex and Crestron Pyng hub. When you control the lock via an independent mesh network, you can link the lock with your smartphone, tablet or PC, without utilizing your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

LockState LS-1500-SN

The LockState LS-1500 is ranked as one of the most affordable access control solutions. The lock holds up to 800 user codes, providing access via a keypad or additional iButtons. Due to the software upgrade, it has become easy to program multiple locks. The LS-1500 is famed for its commercial grade construction and the weatherproof keypad. This lock mechanism also has Audit Trail, which shows who and when people access your property. Besides, it offers support for passage mode; storehouse mode and auto lock/ unlock features.


With the array of keyless home locks on the market, you do not have to worry about locking your keys in the house. For just a few dollars, you can grace your front door with keyless lock mechanisms, which enhance your home security.

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