Haven Smart Locks – Why They Are Great

Haven Smart Locks – Why They Are Great

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Smart locks are certainly very excellent security options when it comes to protecting a home. However, there have been cases where would-be burglars and thieves have been able to navigate through them by manipulating their mechanisms. This has time and again enabled these rogues to gain unobstructed access to the homes they wish to infiltrate. Fortunately this is where the Haven digital lock comes into the picture.

This security device has been highly noted for taking the home security to a whole new and unprecedented level. While, at the same, providing numerous digital innovations, which have effectively separated it from the rest of the pack. With that said, this particular smart lock can be locked or unlocked from your smartphone, and it works by reinforcing your door from the bottom up. Let us now take a closer look at just what makes the Haven smart lock so good?

Who developed the Haven smart lock and just exactly how does it work?

Haven LogoThe Haven digital lock is the brainchild of a Nashville, Tennessee startup, which also bears the same name as its product. In essence, it is a simplistic black locking device that can effortlessly be attached beneath a door. Once locked in this position, the device then makes use of a reinforced “accordion” like lift gate. Along with a torque servo motor that works by exerting force to the bottom end of the door. For those who might perhaps be in the dark, this particular area of a door is widely believed to be its strongest component.

The Haven smart lock can then be locked or unlocked through the user utilizing the innovative Haven app on their mobile device. This security device also comes with an in-built accelerometer, which is in an excellent position of detecting any excessive pressure that may be exerted on the door.

In the event of the device’s alarm been activated, this digital lock can perform two different things. First of all, it can automatically alert the user about the suspicious activity that may be taking place at their home’s door. Alternatively, it can be programmed to sync with other home automation systems, say like, lighting systems. This in the end can scare off the would-be burglar or thief, and easily deter them from attempting to gain access into the house.

Is the Haven smart lock app impregnable?

Haven LockMost alternative locking devices of this nature, which are currently available in the market have proved to be somewhat ineffectual. To begin with, while the apps that operate them immensely simplify home security, they can still be copied or even hacked. Nevertheless, the developers of the Haven digital lock unequivocally assert that they have managed to code its app to totally prevent such occurrences.

As such, users can be able to create direct ties between the app and the mobile devices they usually utilize. This definitely means that this digital locking device is only capable of responding to only those mobile devices that it is paired with. Additionally, the Haven smart lock can also be unlocked from a very secure web access portal after a rigid user authentication process.

What happens when the Haven smart lock’s power runs out?

In the event of the Haven digital lock’s power dying off after extended utilization, it comes fitted with two backup batteries, together with reciprocal wireless components. These two when combined, are specifically designed to enable the user to still have seamless communication with the locking device at all times. In the case of your experiencing an emergency, you can be able to deactivate the Haven smart lock through a special mechanical footplate, which is located at the back of the device.


As you can evidently see for yourself, the Haven Smart lock is certainly a cut above the rest. Currently, there is definitely no other alternative that can be able to match up to the unparalleled functionality and security of this exceptional digital locking device. By its exerting force to the back of the door it is attached, the Haven smart lock makes it very difficult for world-be burglars to break into doors or even padlocks.

At the same time, its innovative and very secure mobile devices’ app is a welcome bonus. Most especially when it comes to effectually controlling your home’s optimal security in a remote and conveniently manner. Well, now you know the answer to just what makes the Haven smart lock so good? And why you should make a point of buying it.

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The Best Deadbolts On The Market

The Best Deadbolts On The Market

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Security is a top priority when selecting a door lock. Crime rate is on the rise and homeowners are at risk. The latest FBI statistics on burglary show that over 60 per cent were through forced entry, and residential burglaries accounted for close to 75 per cent, with more than half occurring during the day. As a homeowner it is in your best interest to put in place the best security to prevent any criminal activity including burglaries. The best deadbolt locks will significantly enhance the security of your home when combined with properly reinforced doors.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established 3 grades for door locks to help identify durability and quality of locksets and deadbolt locks. Each product must pass security and operational tests. Grade 1 is the highest security possible. It meets commercial buildings requirements and is available for residential uses through deadbolts.

What is a deadbolt lock?

deadbolt3Deadbolt locks offer the most security on residential doors. They are called deadbolts because they don’t have springs. In these locks the locking mechanism uses a sliding metal to secure a door to its frame. The lock can’t be pried open easily and without the right key an intruder will face a difficult challenge when attempting to gain entry to your home.

What are the advantages of using deadbolt locks?

Simple and most effective locks to prevent burglary and protect your family and your valuables.

Provide higher degree of protection for door locks especially for external doors.

They are more difficult to pick

Which are some of the Best Deadbolts on the Market?

Based on deadbolt lock reviews some of the best locks include

Yale Security YRD240-NR-0BP Real Living Touch Screen Deadbolt

Yale YRL 220 ZQThis lock is the next generation of home security from Yale, a trusted name. It gives you security and peace of mind knowing that your doors are properly secured. It is an elegant keypad operated deadbolt lock that illuminates for convenient night time access. The key free design makes for a more secure product, and removes the inconvenience of re-keying your locks. It has an auto re-lock function that can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button. It has a traditional design that complements any door. It is available online for about $190 with free shipping.

Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock

This is a ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt lock and its solid Brass design is secured with high tensile steel mounting bolts for maximum resistance against pricking and hammer attacks. Medeco deadbolts are very high security locks which are commonly recommended by security agents. Medeco cylinders are often recommended for effective mechanical protection against most forms of attack and also for prevention against unauthorized duplicate keys. The security features of the lock include pins that must be elevated and interact with both slider and sidebar, and hardened steel components. This lock series provides superior physical protection and key control to fit your security needs. It is available online for about $150.00

Schlage BE469NXCAM716 Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

This deadbolt lock is made from high quality materials, and is Grade 1 certified, the highest residential rating. It is a keyless deadbolt which gives you the highest level of security at the main point of entry. This lock has a durable resistive Touchscreen which protects against smudges and fingerprints, and ensures wear pattern remain undetectable. It has a motorized bolt that automatically unlocks and locks when user code is input. As an added security measure, if the door is left unlocked, the deadbolt relocks automatically after 30 seconds. This lock comes with a built in audible alarm sensor that alerts you to an activity at your door. You can choose between 3 modes, tamper, activity and forced entry providing alerts from first contact with handle or door to when the door is opened. This lock features z-wave technology which connects to your home automation system and allows you to unlock or lock your door through your Smartphone or the web. It is available online for about $159.00 with free shipping.

LockState LS-DB500R-PB Electronic Deadbolt with Remote

This is an electronic keyless deadbolt lock with 6 user codes. It features a lit keypad for easy viewing in poor light and a radio remote which can work from about 30 feet away. It is a reversible lock which can work on both right and left handed doors. This lock has an optional auto locking function which relocks the door. One time user codes can be issued for guests or security personnel. It comes with 2 emergency override keys. It is available online for about $111.00 with free shipping

Kwikset featuring Smart key 909 Smart Code Electronic Deadbolt

This is a Kwikset signature series product meaning it offers superior security and designer styles. This smartcode touchpad electronic deadbolt is a one touch locking motorized deadbolt. It has a back lit keypad which provides increased visibility. Your personalized code allows you to enter your home with the convenience of keyless entry, and lock your door with the touch of a button. It has smartkey re- key technology which allows you to control who has access to your home and also acts as a back up keyway. The Satin Nickel finish gives this lock a crisp clean appearance which enhances its overall appearance and adds a modern feel. This lock is single cylinder deadbolt which can be unlocked or locked by either keypad or key on the outside, or the turn button on the inside. It is easy to install, program, use and is operated on 4 size AA batteries. This deadbolt lock is available online for about $94.50 with free shipping.

Ul-3000AB Residential Ultimate Lock 3000, Millennium Lock

This lock is said to be 10 times stronger than standard deadbolts. This remarkable lock eliminates the common problem of forcing the door open by strengthening your door frame with its specially engineered steel strike plate. It is virtually unbreakable as it is designed to withstand extraordinary force. It also has six high security pins which make picking it virtually impossible. A major advantage of this lock is that it marries the door jamb and the door frame using extra long screws drilled in opposite directions. This in essence turns your door into a brick wall. The extra long screws resist forced entry. It comes with three finishes that can compliment any home décor.

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Lock Replacement – What To Do And What Not To Do

Lock Replacement – What To Do And What Not To Do

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Under certain circumstances, you might have to replace the locks on your door, windows, safe or even cabinets. You might have lost your keys, upgraded your locks for safety reasons or moved to a new house. The process of changing locks is a simple one that actually takes a few minutes. However, you may face serious consequences and experience costly damages if you don’t follow the right procedures. Therefore, before you upgrade or even replace your locks know what to do and what not to do.


What to Do


· Determine the Brand of Your Lock

Arrow logoThis is an important consideration you should make if you want to avoid repetition of tasks. Check the door latch and determine the installed brand. If the new lock is the same brand, you won’t have to make adjustments to the holes on the locks. But if you have decided to buy a new brand, then modifications may be required for the new locks to fit in.


· Take Measurements of the Lock

You cannot just mount a new lock directly on your door frame, window frame or drawer. This is because most locks today have to be adjusted to fit properly. This not only ensures that your new lock is consistent with the other locks but also makes it easier to operate.

· Industry Security Standards

If your home is insured, make sure that the new lock doesn’t compromise your policy or safety. This is important because in case your home is damaged, your insurance provider may cite a policy violation which might hamper your chances of getting compensation. Therefore, determine whether the new lock conforms to the industry safety standards.


· Remove the Decorative Cover and Interior Knob with Care

This should be done before the lock replacement process begins. Simply remove the decorative knob and the interior knob carefully. Next, you will have to remove the old lock before you can install the new one.


· Let Qualified Locksmiths Inspect the Lock after Installation

To make sure that your home is completely secure after lock replacement, call a locksmith to inspect the new lock. This way they can determine if it was installed correctly and whether there are certain adjustments you should make. Their recommendations will help make your home more secure against cases of theft and burglary.


What Not To Do


· Hire Qualified Professionals When In Doubt

Lock replacement process is not as simple as it may seem. Therefore, if you are in doubt, don’t replace the broken locks. You may not have the necessary skills that are needed to replace the locks effectively. Besides, this is a serious task that should make your home safer. To avoid costly mistakes, hire qualified professionals who are highly experienced and have an excellent reputation. They will make sure that your locks are replaced in the right way.


· Don’t Buy Low Quality Locks

There are different types of locks on the market. To make your house much safer, avoid low quality locks that can easily be bust open by intruders. Instead buy high quality locks that provide solid armor against conventional break-in methods. The best lock should withstand bumping, kicking, steady hammering and sawing.


· Don’t Change the Size of Your Lock

Locks usually come in different sizes. Your current locks may be old but replacing them with new ones that are of completely different size isn’t advisable. Before you can replace your lock, you should therefore determine its size and stick to it. This way you’ll avoid lock snapping.


LocksmithLock replacement may seem simple at first. However, trying to fix the locks without the help of a qualified professional can cause irreparable damages. As a result you may be forced to buy a whole new lock altogether, an expense that you might have avoided. Besides, keep in mind that re-installation processes are usually more costly compared to the simple replacements. Therefore, stick to what you know and if you can’t replace the lock yourself, call for assistance. You know what you can and can’t do and if you don’t possess the necessary skills needed in lock replacement, leave it to a professional locksmith. You might be eager to replace the locks yourself, but your trial and error methods may only end up causing more harm than good to your property.

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Things That Can Compromise The Security Of Your Home

Things That Can Compromise The Security Of Your Home

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Security is one thing that you should not compromise with. You should always optimize the security of your home so that your belongings can always remain safe. In addition, you should also optimize the security of your loved ones so that they can remain safe as well. There are many things that you can do in order to secure your home. Some people normally prefer installing security systems in their homes while others prefer installing high security door locks in their houses. Those are some of the ways through which you can ensure that your home remains safe all the time. Many individuals normally lose their belongings due to theft and burglary. If your valuable possessions have been stolen, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have installed high security locks in your home?

high security lock serviceHigh security locks are very essential to your home. They normally help in preventing burglars from accessing your home. This is the reason why you should install them in your home. It is one way through which you can optimize the security of both your loves ones and your valuable possessions. These locks are available in the market. You can actually buy them and hire a locksmith to fix them for you. Failing to install these security locks can actually lead to burglary.

2. Do you live in an insecure region?

Some areas are more secure than others. However, there are other areas that have high insecurity. You will realize that homeowners in such areas normally encounter burglary and theft now and then. This could be the reason why your belongings were stolen. Remember that you cannot be at your workplace and at your home at the same time. If you live in such areas, burglars could have taken advantage of that and invade your home. This could have compromised the security of your valuable possessions.

3. Are your locks reliable?

Some locks are more reliable than others. Some locks can be opened by more than one key. If your locks can be opened by more than one key, it means that your locks are not reliable. In addition, if your locks are faulty, it shows that your locks are not reliable. This could have made burglars have an easy time when accessing your home. This is the reason why you should ensure that your locks are very reliable.

4. Have you rekeyed your locks after misplacing your keys?

It is normal to misplace your keys. However, you should rekey your locks after losing your keys so that the security of your belongings is not compromised. Someone could have found your keys and tried to access your house without your consent. This could be the reason why you encountered burglary in your home.

5. Do you normally leave your keys under the doormat when leaving your home?

Doormat keyMost people normally prefer leaving the keys under the doormats when going to their workplace. This is actually one way through which you can ensure that your keys do not get lost or misplaced. However, did you know that this could compromise the security of your belongings? Burglars could have seen those keys under the doormat and accessed your house. This can be detrimental. This is the reason why you should avoid leaving your keys under the doormat.

6. Have you installed security systems in your home?

Burglars normally fear invading homes with security systems. If your home has security systems, you can always be assured that your belongings will remain safe even if you are away. You can actually remotely access your home when you are at your work place. This actually one way of putting off burglars.

7. How many people hold the keys to your house?

It is good to give your friends spare keys of your house so that they can access your house when you are away. However, you should be very cautious when giving your spare keys to your friends. Some friends can be mischievous. They can collaborate with burglars and steal your items when you are away. This is the reason why you should ask yourself this question. If discover that most of your friends hold the keys to your house, you should rekey your locks so that you can optimize the security of your belongings. This can help you a great deal.

Those are some of the things that can compromise the security of your valuable belongings. If you have ever encountered burglary in your home, you should ask yourself the above mentioned questions. They can help you determine the cause of insecurity in your home.

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Options For Home Door Locks And Safes

Options For Home Door Locks And Safes

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Is securing the safety of your property a high priority for you? Many high-tech alarm and monitoring systems are available but the first line of defense that you should install is a high quality home security door lock. This home security door lock should be more than just a regular knob with a keyhole since these can easily be neutralized by robbers. Generally, locks are divided into two: those that are keyed only and those that are called keyless. But most keyless home locks still incorporate the key cylinder in case you forget your PIN code, the battery is expired or you want to use both. Below are some tips and options brought to you by our friends at www.phoenixlocksmithpros.net.

The Best Types of Security Door Locks For Your Home

Combination locks are mechanical keyless locks that need only your combination of numbers or letters. The advantage of these somewhat expensive locks is they do not require batteries. The movement of the buttons you push will align interior parts of the lock to let you open the door.

A magnetic lock consists of an armature plate attached to the door and an electromagnet attached to the door frame. Electric current will maintain the attraction between the two parts to shut the door.

Electric or electronic locks are the most common keyless locks as they can be easily operated by entering your access code or password on a keypad. Batteries for these locks can last for at least 2 years.

Biometric locks are electronic locks that use your fingerprints to provide access. High-technology biometric locks use facial images for access control.

Here are three security door locks that illustrate some of the types of door locks.

Emtek Deadbolt Locks

These locks are conventional door locks that need keys. Deadbolt locks, either keyed or keyless, are recommended for their resistance to bumping. You can take a look at these at emtek.com.

Lockey 2835 Keyless Door Lock

Lockey 2835Lockey also has a passage feature, which allows you to set the mode from normal to passage during times when many people need to enter or exit.

BioBolt Biometric Deadbolt Lock

This powered deadbolt lock, available at fingerprintdoorlocks.com, incorporates a swipe sensor technology for easy fingerprint scanning and access. This type of home security lock is usually suggested even if you do not live in a high crime area. The dead-bolt comes in a variety of styles; all tailored to make your door resistant to lock picking and forced entry. It makes use of a solid steel ‘throw’ that protrudes at least an inch or more from the lock into the door jamb. By using a dead-bolt you will be physically safe and enjoy peace of mind.

These security door locks are available in crystal, porcelain and other finishes and can be used for almost types of hinged doors, such as French doors, kitchen doors, screen doors and folding doors.

According to security and crime prevention experts, choose locks that have passed ANSI Grade 1 standards, have hardened steel casings and have anti-drill features.

Attributes or Features That You Should Look For When Purchasing A Biometric Or Keyless Safe:

1) The first item that you should look at is the level of security that is offered. This would fully depend on how valuable your items are, for instance if you are looking to store a gun or gold in your safe, you would probably need an extremely secure safe. If the items are less valuable, you could probably do with a safe that functions well, but does not offer exceptionally high levels of security. Remember to check if the safe is truly secure before purchasing it (for instance check if the safe can really identify prints specifically), and ensure that you receive a warranty for your purchase

2) You should also consider obtaining a biometric safe that can store multiple user information within it so that you can allow other users that you trust to have access to the keyless safe as well. Usually if only a single pattern can be identified, then you might have problems to physically unlock the safe if you are not in the vicinity, and you need the items in the safe urgently.

3) Ease of installation and use if also extremely important, thus make sure that your biometric safe is easy to use at all times without compromising on the security of the items. If the safes are too complicated to use, then you would probably be better off without them!

4) Last but not least, you must also consider the cost factor, as it would be pointless to spend too much on a safe even if you have a budget for it. Scout around and find the best value-for-money keyless safe out there, and purchase wisely to avoid wastage of finances!

Follow the tips above and effectively purchase the right home door lock and safe!

Most Popular Lock Brands For Home Security

• Alarm Lock
• American Lock
• Arrow
• Assa Abloy
• Baldwin
• Best
• Brinks
• Chicago
• Codelocks
• Corbin Russwin
• Detex
• Dorma
• Door-o-Matic
• Defiant
• Emtek
• ESP Hudsonlock
• Exit Security
• Falcon
• Kaba Ilco
• Illinois lock
• Ingersoll Rand
• Interlock
• Ives
• Jackson
• Kwikset
• Master Lock
• Maxtech
• Medeco
• Mul-T-Lock
• Olympus Lock
• Pemco
• Pro-Lok
• Rixon
• RR Brinks
• Sargent
• CompX Security
• Segal
• Schlage
• Secura Key
• Securitron
• SimonsVoss
• Strattec
• Compx Timberline
• Trine
• Tuff Stuff
• US-1 Lock
• Von Duprin
• Weiser
• Weslock
• Yale
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