6 Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

6 Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

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Your house is the custody of your most precious belongings; hence, its security should be a top priority. Not only do you want to keep your home safe while you’re there, but you also want to protect it when you’re away. And, it doesn’t matter where you live – even the most elegant and upper-class neighborhoods experience home burglaries and break-ins. So how do you keep it safe? Here are 6 tips to keep your home secure brought to us by www.denverlocksmithpros.net.


Home burglar/fire alarm system


Alarm system1One thing that you can do quite inexpensively is to install a home burglar/fire alarm system. You can find many vendors online and at local retail and specialty stores. It’s to your advantage to take the time to explore your options and shop around for the best prices. Alarm systems are a proven way to keep burglars away from your home and to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that protection is always present.




A locked wooden door is simply a weak locked door. You have to secure the entire thing. Install frames with reinforced long screws, heavy duty bolt locks, strike plates, duty knobs and 160-degree peephole mount not higher than 60-inches. Many thieves will simply force their way to your house by kicking the door, so make sure that it’s well reinforced. Make sure all sliding glass doors and windows are correctly installed. Also, place a bar or broom handle in the sliding door track to prevent entry. Consider applying safety coating or tint to any sliding glass doors as it can protect the door from shattering. Besides reinforcing your doors and ensuring that you have heavy duty, durable locks, you may want to consider installing a motion alarm systems which detects motions and rings like a case of incoming intruder.


Bolts and security bars


Make sure that your doors and windows are secure by installing dead bolts and security bars. If your doors have deadbolts, it will be a difficult task for a thief to break into your home. And if your windows and sliding glass doors have strong security bars, a thief need to be very strong to break one of them to get into your home. It is also wise for you to ensure that all of your windows have strong security locks on these safety features dissuade even the most hardened criminal keeping your house well protected.




home security lightsAdequate lighting is also an important part of your home safety system. Ensure that the outside of your home is well-lighted. This will help in keeping would-be burglars away because they certainly don’t want to be seen breaking into your home! You have several options including solar powered and electric lights that will keep your home lit up during the dark night hours and in shady areas surrounding your home helping to keep criminals at a bay.


Keep it locked all day and night


Additional safety tips on keeping your home safe and secure is ensuring that every door and window are kept securely locked at all times, especially when you are away from home or asleep. Always ensure that your garage door is well locked and install “safe” pet entrances. Some people invest in a large (or even small) dog to discourage would-be burglars. Sometimes even just a yapping small dog will turn a thief away by because barking dogs can cause a ruckus and might alert nearby neighbors.


Have a dog.


A dog is not only a lovely family companion, but it’s also a loyal defender that keeps the enemy out. But seriously, the dog encompasses everything you need to know about home security. Dogs sense aggression. They know when something’s not right. They will attack and bark. They act as a deterrent.


Thieves are getting smarter and more inventive every day, which means that your house security system needs to be comprehensive, it has to cover possibilities. It’s easy for a thief to bypass one single line of well-mounted defense. Having more than one layer of defense will slow them down and give you time to call for backup. More obstacles also makes a house a less appealing target. You can incorporate fire and smoke detectors as well as motion detectors to ensure that if anything does happen, you will be alerted.

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